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Idiom Attack 1 - Everyday Living (Korean Edition)

Idiom Attack 1 - Everyday Living (Korean Edition)

Peter, Matthew & Jay | Exile Press LLC

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Idiom Attack 1 Everyday Living is a collection of nearly 300 North American idioms in usage today arranged in a format that is both easy to read and understand while creating a situational learning format with logical and independently dynamic subject and chapter themes that take the user directly to the subject they want to learn. Arranged in a series of 25 chapters this text was designed as a learning resource for intermediate to advanced students of English yet its language was deliberately kept simple enough to also be accessible to high beginners. An idiom (or phrasal expression) is a set phrase of two or more words that when put together mean something different than the literal meaning of the individual words. As idioms are the idiosyncrasies of a language they tend to be the most challenging for foreign learners to understand and for teachers to convey. Though complex they can be indicative of some of the most colorful language used to decorate everyday conversation. In this text we’ve included only the most frequently used and therefore useful idioms and phrasal expressions with meanings in both English and Korean for comparison examples for a clearer understanding and practical application of the material and stories for added depth and practice. Literal translations were used for most definitions and sentence translations yet for some explanations a less literal approach was taken to provide a more natural explanation in the learner’s native tongue in order to keep the intention clear. The example sentences provide contextual support for more in-depth understanding of the meanings. The examples have been carefully constructed to support the definition so that in many cases the meaning may be inferred from the example. The stories are tailored to be accessible to learners yet challenge them with the application of language. Following the stories are questions designed to test the students’ comprehension of the story while coaxing them to use the target language. Finally additional discussion questions incite deeper dialogue about the subjects raised in the story or in the use of the idioms themselves. The chapters are organized into 25 areas of interest providing easy access to the target language. Each chapter provides opportunities for reading writing listening and speaking. Units can be studied in any order and by referring to the topic and chapter headings can provide lessons to supplement other sources. Idiom Attack may be used as a classroom textbook as a reference guide as a supplement for other texts or for self-study. Each chapter can be studied independently of the others so that learners or teachers can easily access the subjects that most need attention. Well suited to the classroom setting or personal study this book provides an excellent resource for a variety of applications in a user-friendly format. Idioms are more complex than vocabulary words but act like them in that they must fit within the grammatical structure of a sentence. Idioms can be used as all parts of speech noun verb adjective or adverb. This book presents idioms in their most common form but American idioms are a direct reflection of American culture #8211 alive and changing. They are also dynamic in usage. For example an idiom normally used as a noun may sometimes be used as a verb in a slightly altered form. Such forms when common are listed below the idiom definition with an explanation of the altered meaning. A synonym following the idiom explanation indicates a similar idiom with the same meaning as above while an antonym indicates the opposite. Useful explanatory notes follow the idiom to explain the complexities of usage or grammar such as hyphenation of the idiom or common inclusion of words of emphasis i.e.- really just or all. Many idioms also have dual (or more) meanings which are represented in a cross-reference addendum at the back of the book. Many idioms may be used interchangeably with different pronouns such as I you ...


Peter N. Liptak 피터 N. 립탁 Peter N. Liptak came to Korea in 1995 to teach English then started learning Korean and working as a writer and copywriter. As a poet and teacher of English his desire to help people around the globe in their struggles with the untamed beauty of the English language has led to teaching at universities and the writing of language acquisition books. After finishing a Master’s in Korean Studies at Yonsei University Peter involved himself with several other writing projects including a series of children’s books a translation of Korean poetry into English and a website helping foreign nationals to become acclimated to Korea and its culture. Currently Peter enjoys exploring the world while training for triathlons mountain biking and competing in ultra-marathons while raising money for orphans to experience outdoor activities. 피터 N. 한국에 1995년에 영어를 가르치러 왔다. 그 이후로 한국어를 배우기 시작하면서 작가겸 카피라이터로서 일하고 있다. 시인이자 영어 전도사로서 한국인들에게 영어의 생생한 아름다움을 전하고자 하는 그의 희망은 그로 하여금 한국에서 영어를 가르치게 했고 또 영어책을 쓰게 했다. 연세대학교에서 한국학 석사과정을 마친 뒤 그는 현재 동화책을 비롯한 여러 저술 작업에 관여하고 있으며 백석의 시를 번역하는 일도 하고 있다. 또한 외국인들이 한국의 문화에 적응하는 것을 돕는 웹사이트 관련 일도 하고 있다. 요즘 그는 철인삼종경기 마라톤을 하며 산악자전거를 타고 도시 곳곳을 돌아다니면서 기금을 조성하여 고아원에 기부를 하고 등산로나 미로 같은 서울의 구석구석을 찾아 다니는 것을 즐긴다. Matthew Douma 매튜 다우마 Matthew Douma grew up in a small rural town in Southern Canada. Ever since his early childhood years Matthew has had a deep interest in Korea and made his first visit when he was just fifteen years old. As an avid outdoorsman and adventurer Matthew enjoys sports of all sorts including Taekwondo. Matthew also has a passion for mountain climbing sailing and writing as hobbies. Residing in Seoul with his lovely wife Sun Hee and daughter Ennik he works as an English education consultant and author of English educational material. 매튜 다우마는 캐나다 남부의 한 작은 시골 마을에서 자랐다. 어린 시절부터 한국에 깊은 관심을 가졌던 그는 불과 15세 때 처음 한국을 방문했다. 워낙 야외 활동과 모험을 좋아하는 그는 온갖 종류의 운동을 즐기는데 태권도도 그 중의 하나다. 그 밖의 취미로는 등산 항해 그리고 글쓰기가 있다. 그는 현재 부인 선희 딸 에닉과 함께 서울에서 살고 있으며 영어 교육 컨설턴트와 영어 교재 필자로 활동하고 있다. 이 책은 그의 세 번째 책이다. Jay Douma 제이 다우마 An elementary school teacher since 1999 Jay enjoys writing stories and collaborating with his brother on creative projects. Currently teaching grade five and physical education in Ontario Canada Jay enjoys spending time with his wife Christa and daughter Emma at their home on Lake Erie when not working. 제이는 이야기를 쓰거나 동생과 창의적 프로젝트를 공동으로 작업하는 것을 좋아한다. 그는 1999년부터 초등학교 선생님으로 재직하고 있는데 현재는 캐나다 온타리오주 래밍턴에서 5학년생들에게 체육을 가르치고 있다. 그는 일하지 않을 때는 휘틀리의 레이크 에리에 있는 그의 집에서 부인 크리스타 딸 엠마와 함께 보내는 것을 좋아한다. 그는 또한 소프트볼 라크로스 수상 스포츠를 즐긴다. #10045 A bow to our translator 지은이를 도와 번역해 주신 분 Seol Hye-ran graduated from the Department of English Literature and Linguistics at Sogang University and Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation and is the Current CEO of the Seol Interpretation Translation Center. 설혜란 서강대학교 영문과 및 이화여대 통번역대학원 졸업 현재 설통번역센터 대표. Special thanks to our Korean editor and proofreader Mary (Eunseol) Lee works as a consultant and is studying for her MBA in Seoul Korea. 한국어 감수 및 교정을 해준 컨설턴트이며 경영학 석사 준비중인 서울에 사는 메리 이은설 리에게 깊은 감사를 표한다.


Cover About the Author Title Page Dedication Copyright 1 Everyday Living 日常生 活 Getting Used to Idioms Preface How to Use this Book Table of Contents 01 From Beginning to End 처음과 끝 02 In the Morning 아침에 03 In the Evening 저녁에 04 Moments in Time 순간 05 Weather Conditions 날씨 06 Going to School 학교 07 Gone Shopping 쇼핑 08 Traffic, Travel & Turns 교통 09 Dining 식사 10 Housework 집안일 11 Special Dates & Events 행사 12 Telephone Talk 전화 얘기 13 Making Conversation 잡담 14 He Said, She Said 발언 15 Fact or Opinion 사실 또는 의견 16 Human Interaction 대인관계 17 Family Matters 가족 18 Dating & Relationships 데이팅 19 Visiting Friends 방문 20 Social Invitations 초대 21 Relaxing 휴식 22 On Holiday 23 Sickness 질병 24 Trouble & Ease 어려움과 쉬움 25 Descriptions & Explanations 묘사와 설명 Index 색인 Crossword Answers


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